I'm happy to announce that Latitud eSports are now taking a part of a huge community created by Counter-Strike players and league of legends players around the world.

We are a lowtier team that slowly but surely will climb up the ladder towardsthe top.
The ideé of making a team have been in the head of us for a long time but noone took the step
and made it. But one day SemmlanN & Suits came to us and said "I want to start a team, do you want tojoin"?
The respons was enormous. We filled the spots in about five minuts and after half an hour

we knew that we were right.
We're all from Sweden. We're all communicating very well and noone are left out. Now during start up we're all very exited to
start practicing and playing.

If u want to support us, you can allways reach us. by e-mail or register to follow and comment on new content
Feel free to follow us on our facebook site to be a part of the journey.

E-mail: ltdesport@gmail.com