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Fri 18th Mar 2016 - 11:51am : Gaming

We have during a longer period been discussed about a heroes of the storm team, and today we are proud to present our Hero of the Storm lineup! We have for a long time been thinking about expanding our front within the game world. Now we have found the perfect team that can get us on the right path within heroes of the storm! We want our name to be seen in as many games as possible and we believe that no one other than our heroes of the storm lineup is the perfect line to do so.

We hope that our heroes of the storm players are equally eager to represent us as we are them to represent us in the coming year. Right now the Heroes of the Storm is a small scen overalls and even in Sweden but we at latitud eSports  want to help to increase interest for more people to participate and play within a team and take part in tournaments within the heroes of the storm scene.

To see Heroes of the Storm play in the future and participate in tournaments will be  exciting and fun to watch, we are already waiting for some great tournaments to be played.

"It is exciting to see what the future has to show us, now that we are playing for real organization"- Albin "Henn1ng" Olsson

"I'm very happy that we found a Heroes of the Storm team that can introduce us into the heroes of the storm scen"-Jonathan "SemL" Ek

                Team Lineup

  • Albin "Henn1ng" Olsson
  • Anton "BeholdTheDevil" Degerfeldt
  • Niklas "Niklas" Bergholm
  • Teodor "TEo" Tegelström
  • Robin "Robin" Söderlund


Latitud eSports

Latitud eSports

Latitud eSports

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