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Fri 26th Feb 2016 - 5:29pm : Gaming

This Wednesday latitud played a 3v3 that challengermode hosted and took home all the profits without any special obstacles. And as usual we appreciates challangermodes tournaments and look forward to the new challangermode tournament on Sunday.

On Sunday 03/5 latitud will also participate on a challangermode with a large prize pool, how much the prizepool will hold are currently unclear. Latitud really looking forward to this tournament because we missed the last with a price pole on 10.000kr (€ 1,000).

The tournament will be streamed by challangersmode's own streamers which then means that not all latituds matches will be shown. But I would suggest that you keep looking at challangermodes streamers when they stream other teams they are very good and prossionela.

We at Latitud eSports are really happy about the positive feedback we have received from challangermode.

"Congratulations to the winners Latitud eSports, who by now are some what of a celebrity team on Challangermode. Second place went to  Grill Gaming AB and third place to Twisted Sticks. Well played" - Mail from challangermode


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Latitud eSports

Latitud eSports

Latitud eSports

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