Challengermode Beta Brawl IX

Mon 21st Mar 2016 - 10:54am : General

Last night latitud played Challengermode Beta Brawl IX. Our League of Legends teams played through group stage without any hindrance, until the semi-final where they got to meet our rivals AD Gäris. But even there, took them further. Into the final, Would they meet accualy iz Dolan it became a real fight , during the match there was disbelief that accualy iz Dolan actually would win, but then the team Played together and showed them what they are going for. Thanks to huge teamplay and stylish dragon steals so successfully, latitude turn the game in their tie and could finish the match after 43minutes and 15-15 in kills. Thanks to our junglers heroic effort they could steal the game from accualy iz Dolan.

We would like to thank Challengermode for their enormous commitment and their efforts in making the eSports scen a fun place with fun tournaments, where everyone can feel what it is to play in a team and be streamed before alot of people. We would like to thank casters for a good performance. But we do not forget to thank accualy iz Dolan for an exciting and really fun game.

Challangermode Beta Brawl IX  featured a prize pool of 540 SEK (€ 54)

1:Latitud eSports

2:Accualy iz Dolan

3:AD GÄRIS ( Not confirmed)






Jonathan Ek

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