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Tue 22nd Mar 2016 - 10:29pm : General

Over a long period of time, we tried to find the perfect Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team. We then had an elimination tournament where all of the teams participated in several BO3´s against eachother. Last Thursday we came to the conclusion that we have found the right team, they play incredibly well together, and they all live in the same city, which favour both LAN events and social meetups. Already this week, they have begun taking on challenges as they participate in Yoggi Yalla Cup, where they played right through the group stage without any bigger obstacles and are now looking forward to a new day, but new opportunities where they can fight against the top 16 teams that also prevailed through the group stages. We hope our new recruited counter-strike team are equally proud to represent us as we are to present them to the scene.

The current roster consists by the following players

  1. Jonathan "Kleion" Andersson
  2. Jesper "bandit" Lundin
  3. Johan "Rhythm" Sabel
  4. Dennis "Holtby" Johansson
  5. Henrik "JesseJames" Romar


Jonathan Ek

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