Board of directors

Board of directors

Latitud eSports organization. Our organization exists only because  of our boarder. Without our Boarder, we would not be a team, no one that brought us players together.Our sponsors would have never found us.

we are  the Board of directors! EST. 2016

  • SemmlaaN

    Hi, My name is Jonathan "SemmlaaN" Ek, I am the founder of "Latitud eSports" In my spare time I play a lot of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Before I started to play counter-strike I competed in freestyle bmx and played in a hockey team. After a knee injury. I found myself in front of the computer. I have always been passionate with what I engage in, and then I started playing counter-strike, so I  had the dream to play for the best organization. Instead, I became chairman and owner of an organization, and now my dream is that we will be the best organization in the eSports world....Read More

  • Daher

    Hello!  my name is Elias "Dasher" Daher and i am the co Owner of latitud. Previous Team captain for flames 5 but at the moment i am going in  to make the best out of latitud....Read More

  • Jonixx

    Hello, my name is Jon "Jonixx" Lundh and i suck...Read More

  • TobiasJ

    Hello! Welcome to my profile!...Read More